Meet The Family Of Five Who Gave Up Their Dream Life In California to Travel The Globe For A Year!

Hi, we're the Griggs Family, and in the past year, we've traveled to 36 countries. On our voyage around the world, we've created some amazing memories, been to some unbelievable places, and have met some remarkable people along the way.

A part of the United States since 1959, Hawaii is a beautiful compilation of volcanic islands, pristine beaches, and vibrant wildlife. This was our first stop, and the last time we’d see the U.S. for a while!

For our second stop, we stayed in Oceania in the islands of Fiji. With its crystal-clear lagoons and coral reefs, it’s a great place to do some scuba diving!

At our next stop, we headed far down south… southwest in the Pacific Ocean, that is! New Zealand is remote in location and home to some of the most peculiar wildlife and natural habitats.

Filled with ancient structures and “magical” temples, Cambodia is a sight to see! That’s why we chose it for our fourth stop on our world tour!

There is perhaps no place as diverse in culture and wildlife than Indonesia. Made up of thousands of islands, an array of animals throughout the span of the wild kingdom, and hundreds of ethnic groups, Indonesia is a picture of diversity. With so much to see and learn, this was a perfect stop on our trip.

Perhaps best known for the Sydney Opera House, kangaroos, and deadly spiders, Australia is an awesome place to visit. From Bondi Beach to The Outback, this land down under is a wonder to see!

Thailand is full of modern — and ancient — beauty. From tropical beaches to Buddhist temples, this Southeast Asian country was full of new experiences.

Japan is a long-standing superpower of the world. Ancient cultures coupled with its trendy high-tech capital, Tokyo, make it a unique sight to see.

Food, culture, art, and sightseeing make Singapore one of the most unique places to visit. This Southeast Asian island-nation is home to nearly 6 million people.

With Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America in 1492, the Golden Age of Spain began. Spain’s royal attractions and rich culture solidify it as a medieval superpower. 

Egypt has roots back to the time of pharaohs, pyramids, and hieroglyphs. This truly ancient country is a wonder to behold.

​India is a large country in Southeast Asia with a population of over 1.3 billion people. Its history stretches back 5 millennia. Through all that time, it’s developed a robust culture, beautiful textiles, and delicious food!



I'm Jermaine, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, husband, and father to 3 vibrant kids. At 17, I started, which has gone on to help millions of musicians since the year 2000. After seeing countless christmas and birthday gifts go to waste, I wanted to give my family a gift they'd never forget.


I'm Sarah, fitness enthusiast, co-founder, wife, and mother. It is such a joy to travel around the world with my high school sweetheart and our beautiful children. World travel has expanded our global consciousness, enriched our knowledge, and brought us closer. I love that we can experience this together.


I'm Jadyn and I love animals and nature. I've even helped my family to see the dangers of eating palm oil from companies that ruin rainforests. I've enjoyed seeing the world, visiting animal sanctuaries, and learning about different cultures with my family.


I'm Layla. I love to dance, draw, and swim! I like going on CNN because I want to be a newsreporter some day. My parents say I have the gift of gab. I love traveling around the world because I can learn about different cultures, try new food, and meet new friends.


I'm Brendan and I love to play sports, swim, and go on adventures. I like traveling around the world because we can go to different places and share with people what we learned about them. I love nature and going on hikes in different places.


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